Happy Birthday amylu!

Hi there! Wow, all of the DD memories. . . I hope you're doing well on this fine birthday. :-)

Life is crazy on this end ATM, but like, when is it not anyway? Sheesh. XD

Enjoy your party, girl. *waves

Happy Birthday Jo!

Got me reminder that you're gettin' another candle on the cake this year!


Happy Birthday to Jo

Happy Birthday to Jo

Happy BIRTH day dear Joandsaraaaahhhhhh!

Haaaappy Biiiiirrthhday toooooo ya-hooooooo!

Hope that suffices :-) have a good- 'un, as we say in these parts. 

Oh! and before I go I'm on EA's site now as Olive_teh Fugly. Come hunt me down. *waves. 

It's your birthday Amylu! (tootle-toot!)

Long time no see girl, hope everything is going well. Last I remember you were at the tail-end stages of your house remodel; hope that's all getting sorted as it's always a big undertaking. Maybe you can celebrate the end of the remodel along with your birthday? Here's hoping! :-D  Happy Birthday! 

Boolprop's Next Top Model? A Sims 2 & 3 modeling competition.

I took a stab at competing in BNTM 9, on Boolprop.net!
EDIT 12-21-17: I switched photo-hosting sites and will edit this when the BNTM links are fixed.
The links will still take you to Boolprop, but the post got locked prior to the changes at Photobucket and now all of my photo links are broken there.
:-( < Sad Panda.

The Sign-ups:
Submitting a head-shot of Leilani

Round 1: Everyday Casual-wear
Behind the Life of: Leilani Angel

Round 2: Sporty/Athletic
Miss Angel's Fan-Contributions

Round 3: Seasonal
The Spirit of the Seasons

Round 4: Romantic
*NOTE* Due to various photo-editor malfunctions, this entry never left Photobucket.
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing

Last day on Earth

If it was my last day on Earth..
What does one even do on their last day? Here are some thoughts.
-I would chase down all of the people I cared about and see them one last time. I would make a feast of every meal, of all the things I liked to eat most (assuming I'd be in the mood to eat, and assuming it wasn't my diet that hastened me to my last day lol).
-I would visit all of the places in the world I ever wanted to see, if I could, making quick stops.
The hard part would be posting announcements at all my haunts explaining why I wouldn't be there any longer..
-I think I'd neglect to notify work that I wasn't coming in, because what can they do?
-I'd get all these people together to give me one gigantic pep-talk before I "left", with lots of crying, messy faces and heartfelt fond goodbyes.
-I'd donate my leftover earnings to someplace worthwhile, like an animal rescue. You can't take it with you!
-If it was possible to grant one impossible wish, I'd like to go with the guarantee that there would be another party when I got to my destination(if there isa destination, with friends, family, and wonderful, brilliant people that I could not let go of the first time around.

The Freshnfruity Ugly Legacy II: Rebirth! UPDATED 3-12-2016

*All chapters are 100 slides long unless otherwise indicated.
CHAPTER 1: The Big Rewind
The re-boot of this ugly legacy, necessitated by the mysterious disappearance of the original files.

CHAPTER 2: The Dreaded Curse of the Lindo Bonito

One translation of the Spanish phrase Lindo Bonito being "pretty cute", this is about to get wild.

CHAPTER 3: Burning Love

So many fires in one chapter...O.O

CHAPTER 4: Lefty Widdershins and the Case of the Asparagus Soda Shenanigans

Named for two separate conversations held during this chapter, there were so many random things happening that it was difficult to settle on one!

CHAPTER 5: Ain't No Jive!

Another chapter with lots of different things happening, we settled for a rhyme.

CHAPTER 5.1: Grow 'Em up and Move 'Em Out!(115 slides)
Time to get all of them kids moved out! Go 'way kids, ya bother me.

While voting-time is over you can still go and look at the 6 (out of 10)who made the first heir poll. Ah, sweet nostalgia.

CHAPTER 6: Oh No She Didn't! (99 slides)
Generation 1 Heir Poll results revealed!

CHAPTER 7: The Boys Are Back in Town (incl. "Male Grooming" reel)
Whose boys? What boys? Where boys? Read it and see.

CHAPTER 8:Deja Vu & Flamingos Too!
That Deja Vu feeling, all over again. But with birds.

CHAPTER 9:The Dynamic Duo & House-Tour Two-O
So THAT'S where that other house got to!

CHAPTER 10:A Big Steaming Pile of Romance a.k.a Teens on the Loose!
(includes bonus "Cheating" reel) What are you doing here, Loki?

CHAPTER 11:Tarter Sauce & Hamster BitsThere's lots going down in this one, but sadly it does not actually contain either of the things in the title.

Writer's Block: The Far Side of Wile E. Coyote

Ooh.. that's a toughie, cos I like my cartoons! How do I decide?! Okay for best comic strip cartoon it's definitely Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes, cos it's extremely intelligent sometimes, under all the stuff that makes me laugh aloud.. But JEEZ as far as ANIMATED series it could be anything from Courage the Cowardly Dog or Batman the Animated Series(pre -batman Beyond)..